Central and Southern Tablelands Weather
NSW Australia.

With moisture He saturates the thick clouds: He scatters His bright clouds: And they swirl about being turned by His guidance: That they may do whatever He commands them on the face of the whole earth. He causes it to come, whether for correction, or for his land, or for mercy. - Job 37:11-13

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Here are my favorite links, ( 21 May 2012. ) the ones I usually look at regularly. Firstly BoM's IR Map of Australia which can be animated to show what is approaching. Next BoM's 4 day outlook maps Then COLA's 10 day precipitation outlook, and the SE Aus Seasonal Rainfall Outlook from BoM. Of course I look at my own local forecast from the "Forecasts - Daily" page pretty soon after logging on, and BoM's NSW situation report and charts also.

I often have a look at NOAA's latest sea surface temperature chart to see if the waters to our west and north are warming up, as this often results in increased precipitation. Then there are the Australian and Indian Ocean water vapor images from The US Naval Research Laboratory, California, which were produced after consultation with us for the benefit of those who live in our area of the world. If there are interesting things happening I will have a look at the animations as well. (Click on 'Animate' in the top row on their pages, and you will be given a choice of which images to animate.)

If there is rain around I will look at a radar image from the current observations page, or check how much has fallen in the last week. There is a lot of interesting information among these weather pages, including BoM's Water and the Land page - Information for Agriculture and Natural Resources Management.

I would be interested in hearing from you as to what you find the most useful and if there is other information available that you think should be included, please email me,

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with your comments and suggestions.

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Central and Southern Tablelands Weather, NSW, Australia, Location Map.

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