Drought Floods & Prayer.

drought floods & Prayer -
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Latest World Weather News   From Roger Brugge.

The Latest Global Hazards and Significant Events Updated every Thursday by NOAA's National Climate Data Centre.

There is a wealth of information available through the STAR-Global Vegetation Health Products from NOAA. Choose Data type and Region for Current Images or look at the links on the left hand side for other useful information.
For background information on how these maps are derived see Background. NOAA is the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Last Weeks International Weather and Crop Summary  from the NOAA/USDA Joint Agricultural Weather Facility. Is now in PDF format.

US Seasonal Drought Outlook Map from NOAA's Climat Prediction Centre. US Drought Monitor from NDMC (National Drought Mitigation Center.) For information on those involved in the production of the Drought Monitor see About the Drought Monitor

Current US Weather conditions, thanks to @griculture Online.

World weather news   From the BBC.
Latest Australian Drought Statement and Map from BoM

Other information is available at the US National Drought Mitigation Center,   and the U.S. Department of Agricultures Joint Agricultural Weather Facility


A Brief Introduction & Guide to this site.

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Note:- Photos or other graphics should not be copied or downloaded without obtaining the permission of those who have provided them. In most cases clicking on the appropriate graphic will lead you to the source.

This site is a response of ordinary people to the devastation of drought & floods in many parts of the world. These pages will be continually updated as you send information from your own region to:-

Email address. 23 Oct 09
 in Australia.

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Floods - a picture, photo, for drought flood & prayer

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